Wave Pool Construction: Podcast with Ander Wynne-Edwards

Wave pool construction is a critical phase of the development process, as building surf parks is no easy feat. To ensure that waves can be commissioned without a hitch, you need intelligent and experienced engineers who understand construction best-practices and who are devoted to surfing. With two decades of experience delivering wave pools for large-scale developments around the planet (and surfing along the way), our Director of Operations, Ander Wynne-Edwards definitely knows a thing or two about what makes these jobs go smoothly or the opposite. Having been on wave pool construction sites all around the world, Ander offered his wealth of knowledge on the WavePoolMag podcast. In this episode, he divulges some key learnings from throughout his career at our parent company, WhiteWater, and what he is putting into practice at Endless Surf, to help our partners on their various projects around the world.

What makes projects successful from breaking ground to rolling out first waves? Listen to the Wave Pool Mag Podcast below…


About Ander: Leading the project engineering and operations team at Endless Surf,  Ander holds 20+ years of experience in wave pool construction, with expertise in automation engineering. His work travels have allowed him to surf in many exotic corners of the globe, including many wave pools that are considered to be the world’s “OG” surf tanks. When he’s not commissioning waves, Ander resides on the West Coast of Vancouver Island where he can often be found searching for novelty surf or salmon fishing with his family.






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