The surf pool, being the main driver of a surf park’s success, is an important investment. We’ve chosen to build Endless Surf waves upon a technology that we know can deliver high-quality surf and continue pumping waves well into the future – making our pneumatic system the powerful engine that your surf park can trust day in and day out.

Boasting impressive long-term reliability, pneumatic wave pool technology has been tried and tested for decades and proven its longevity, often with no more than routine maintenance. We know this firsthand since we’ve built hundreds of waves pools for large-scale projects around the globe since 1980, alongside our parent company, WhiteWater.

Software Innovations

Included with our robust hardware, the Endless Surf Software Suite is the future of surf park technology, giving venues full flexibility when it comes to wave creation and pool operations.


Endless Surf pools can be scaled up or down based on the number of pneumatic wave-generating chambers along the back wall of the pool. Our models are named by their sizes, for example an ES48 = 48 chambers. Depending on how much land you have, our wave pools can be built with as little as 24 chambers (ES24), as many as 60 (ES60), or anywhere in between. Ultimately, the total number of pneumatic chambers will affect footprint size and surf ride time, but will not affect wave creating capabilities like height and wave types.

Simulation shows our Split Peak operating mode, offering fully customizable waves on both sides of the pool. Ride times for our main wave in “The Peak” surfing zone average 12-14 seconds on an ES48. For a premium offering, long waves of up to 32 seconds can be programmed from end-to-end in Single Peak operating mode. Perfect for competitions and private events, this wave offers one of the longest ride times in our industry:

ES48 = up to 25s ride!


Our patented heart-shaped pool has some huge advantages. Aside from being the most organic and natural looking surf lagoon in the industry, it caters to the widest range of surfers in the water together during the same session. Surf zones are catered to experts, intermediates, and beginners without the need to separate them by their preferred stance in the lineup.


Waves catering to experts, intermediates, and beginners.

  • 4 zones total on standard models (i.e. ES48)
  • 6 zones total extended models (i.e. ES48x)


Accommodating large volumes of varying surf levels.

  • 80 surfers per hour on ES48
  • 100 surfers per hour on ES48x
Standard Model Surf Zones
Based on ES48
Extended Model Surf Zones
Based on ES48x

Endless Surf pools are available in two models: Standard and Extended (x). The main difference? Extended ES models like the ES36x and ES48x offer increased capacity and an extra surf zone (The Inside) due to lengthened shoulder walls.


Surf pools are a large investment. That’s why the lowering the total cost of ownership is top of mind for us. Our compact and scalable footprint is a third less in size than our competitor. Pairing this with our robust hardware and operational flexibility, Endless Surf technology offers impressive CAPEX and OPEX savings and a lessened impact on the environment. For example, there are little maintenance requirements, no need to ever drain the pool, and operating flexibility that tailors energy consumption directly to pool capacity.

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