Whether you live near or far from the coast, the aspiration for surfing and in turn, the demand for high quality surf is only growing. Creating the next generation of surf parks lies in the potential to bring not just waves, but authentic surf experiences to destinations worldwide. When designing the perfect surf venue, we keep the guest experience in mind to ensure that guests can:


A wave that offers as much variety as the ocean
A community that identifies with the lifestyle
A venue that attracts people to soak up the scene

The Endless Surf pool is the centerpiece of the surf park. Perfect waves come in many shapes and sizes and are catered to seasoned surfers and beginners alike. Wave counts are high with Endless Surf, allowing the stoke of surfing to radiate beyond the pool. With viewing zones located on the back wall, just meters away from the expert wave, even those who don’t surf can experience the thrill by watching waves like they are practically in the lineup. Not to mention, the opportunities for photo and video are at an all-time high with uninterrupted and close-up views!

With machinery out of sight and with the most organic and aesthetic design on the market, the Endless Surf beach & boardwalk is as close to ocean authenticity as human-made pools get. What better way to end a surf session than by kicking back on the beach with your friends and your favorite drink in hand. A place to simply relax or recount waves, the beach keeps the parents happy and the kids envious of the waves that they are no longer surfing.

Keeping the surf experience alive beyond the wave is an important consideration that we’ve intentionally incorporated into our design. With 360 degrees of entertainment potential surrounding our compact pool footprint, we help you design and fill those spaces with amenities that will increase length of stay (i.e retail, food & beverage, additional experiences, etc.) After all, no surf town would be complete without a boardwalk to cruise when the entire family is surf-ed out.

Surf Park Industry venue on the Gold Coast of Australia


Authentic surf experiences start with the wave, but go well-beyond the lineup and into the surf venue. Our expert team of landscape architects have designed iconic venues for some of the world’s most recognizable brands. They are here to help you too.

Architectural rendering of The Club at Parkwood Village, Gold Coast, Australia

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