We make sure reliability and viability are at the core of everything Endless Surf delivers, from our world-class technology to the experience of collaborating with us. We stand behind our product, our people, and your surf development. The team’s experience and credentials are impressive, but core to who we are is our dedication to service and our congenial nature that you’ll find easy to work with. We are Endless Surf. Nice to meet you.

As CEO and Founder of WhiteWater, the world’s leader in water attractions, Geoff built his success on understanding his customers and offering them all-encompassing solutions. As Canada’s EY Entrepreneur of the Year (2020), Geoff’s drive and passion are apparent within the global team he’s built.



After a decade of investment banking Paul returned to the family business, WhiteWater, to lead precontracts and serve on the executive team. As a founder, Paul leads commercial operations, where his transparent approach has proven successful in securing key partnerships throughout the industry.


President and Co-Founder

The mastermind behind Endless Surf wave programming tech, Clement has developed surf pools his entire career. Clement fell in love with surfing early-on in France and has turned his dreams of creating the best surf pool on the market a reality with Endless Surf.


Chief Product Engineer

Andrew Thatcher is a true South African waterman. Since moving to San Diego, he has worked in thew artificial wave industry for over 20 years. With expertise in sales, marketing, design, and engineering, Andrew is truly an asset to have alongside your project.


Business Development

Jesse’s passion for surfing stems from his upbringing in the center of Canada, where the ocean’s waves were a distant dream. Since moving to the coast and falling in love with the ocean, he’s embarked on a journey to bring the thrill of surfing to enthusiasts worldwide, one wave pool at a time.


Business Development

Ander holds 20+ years of experience in wave pool construction, with expertise in automation engineering. His travels in the wave pool world have allowed him to surf in many exotic corners of the globe, but he usually ends right back where he started – the west coast of Vancouver Island.


Director of Operations

With a 20+ years of experience building meaningful brands and working across a wide array of sectors, Una puts customer understanding at the center of her work. No stranger to working across international markets, Una is incredibly excited about continuing to grow Endless Surf as a leader in the world of surf parks.



With his early years spent in the Sonoran Desert, Tanner quickly fell in love with surfing and the ocean upon moving to San Diego in his teens. With a background in communications and photography, Tanner is a natural storyteller and has worked within a variety of entrepreneurial industries.


Marketing Manager

One of the brightest young minds in our industry, Axel became passionate about making waves at a very young age, so he made an engineering career out of it. When he isn’t designing world-class waves, you can find him surfing them, probably at one of Western Europe’s premier breaks.



From the US Virgin Islands, Cody found his passion for surfing at an early age and has been chasing east coast surf ever since. With an Engineering degree from SDSU, he now resides in San Diego where he joins the satellite ES team in Southern California.


Project Engineer

Anthony holds 25+ years of experience in venue design and has worked with the world’s most recognizable brands on their most successful projects. As an experiential design guru, Anthony takes masterplans to the next level by providing a wide range of planning-oriented solutions.


Venue Design


From San Diego to Southwest France and the coastal shores of British Columbia, we live for surfing and are devoted to its lifestyle. We’re lucky to be spread across some amazing locations, with consistent breaks and novelty waves that give us  inspiration for the work that we do. No matter where each of us may be located in the world, the surf centers us, fueling our mission of providing world-class waves and authentic surf experiences for both veteran surfers and newcomers alike.

Baptiste tucked into tropical perfection.
Ander is lucky to have surfed around the world. Here's him off of Sumatra.
A cleaner cut Tanner somewhere on the cold and shark-infested Big Sur coastline.
Engineering intern, Axel Terradillos on a playful day in Anglet, France.
Marsh, lost in the South Pacific.
Ander starting his daughter young.
Andrew pulling in at his local beachbreak in San Diego
Tofino, a Vancouver Island favorite.
Sunny surf days are a norm for our team in San Diego.
Tanner often gets behind the camera too.
Welcomed company in Indonesia.
Cardiff Reef showing off, a San Diego favorite.


WhiteWater manufactured the first surf pool in our industry at Typhoon Lagoon in 1989; which still hosts surfing events to this day. Our pneumatic wave pools have provided programmable wave patterns for decades, making Endless Surf a natural evolution of our systems. The reliable performance our waves have already demonstrated means that we are ready to deliver repeatable high-quality surf waves on demand.


The surf park space is growing rapidly and we are committed to partnering with organizations that are working to better our industry. From safety and surf manufacturing to sustainability, we are playing a key role in shaping the future of surfing alongside leading brands. Endless Surf is proudly a member of the following organizations:

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