Surf is taking over. With hundreds of surf parks in planning globally, we are entering a global surf development boom as developers and investors are recognizing the major benefits that inland surf lagoons offer. The surf economy is booming and the aspiration to surf is at an all-time high. We know that if you build it, they will come. But why?



From action-sports centers to mixed-use developments, Endless Surf acts as an anchor for many venues. In addition to offering an addictive surf experience, developments benefit from the naturalistic shape of Endless Surf as it brings the beauty of water into their destination. In turn, this boosts real estate values. As the next generation of surf pool technology, our highest priority is helping developers build a dream surf destination that is at its crux: a viable and sustainable surf business.


As surfers, we’re all after perfect waves. With this type of surf park development, it is all about attracting surfers and giving them an experience where they will feel surfed out and want to come back for more. With aspirations of surfing at an all-time high and surfers crazed with the idea of world-class waves, this business model can work with the right technology that offers a variety of waves to ensure that sessions are never stale.


Including a wave pool within a mixed-use development is a no-brainer from our perspective. The benefits of repeat visitation and increased length of stay will do wonders for the overall health of the development and for the brick-and-mortar businesses within it. Large scale mixed-use facilities are a major force in driving economic growth. They can even revitalize urban areas, as we are seeing with a handful of projects in development globally.


The surf lifestyle is sought-after, reaching far beyond the famous beach towns of Southern California. Crystal clear water, perfect peeling waves, beachfront bars and restaurants, and ample space for business and additional amenities, the lifestyle hub is the perfect way to bring the Southern California lifestyle to your locale. With the right planning, this venue will attract Friday night hangouts as well as Tuesday dawn patrols.

NorthBreak Water Villa


Bring a world-class surf beach to your vacation destination no matter how far from the ocean it may be. Not only will you attract guests to fill rooms and go for a surf, but you will generate additional surf session revenue and create a relaxing atmosphere with waterfront views and an authentic beach. With surf zones for all skill levels, any guest can enjoy a session and hangout afterwards for food and drink on-premise. A surf lagoon will surely transform a hotel / resort into the hottest destination in town.


There’s no doubt that surfing is a thrilling experience. Plus, it’s an incredibly sought-after one due to being skills-based and its influence in pop culture and on social media. With that said, wave pools act as a differentiating attraction. It gives current customers a reason to come back, ushering in a new audience of surfers that can also enjoy a waterslide or two.


From California to Australia, you’ll notice that surf and golf are linked. Many surfers live a “Surf in the AM and Golf in the PM” type of lifestyle. What better way to combine those two passions than with a wave pool? It takes up less space and uses less water than one hole of golf. Throw in residential units and resort amenities, and you’ll give customers no reason to ever leave.

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