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Progress Report: World’s First Endless Surf Lagoon Near Completion

Excitement is building throughout the world as o2 SURFTOWN MUC makes major headway on Germany’s first surf park and the world’s first Endless Surf lagoon. A plot of dirt near Munich International Airport in Hallbergmoos has quickly transformed over the last year, now clearly showcasing a bright white basin with perfect curves that will soon pump out Endless Surf waves.

Delivering Top-Tier Wave Technology

Since breaking ground and starting site prep in late 2022, construction has moved quickly with significant progress made in the back half of 2023 on the lagoon basin with Myrtha Skin, the mechanical room and wave generating equipment. Although this is the world’s first Endless Surf lagoon, it is not our first go around at delivering large scale pneumatic wave pools. With decades of experience building hundreds of wave pools with our parent company, WhiteWater, the launch of Endless Surf was a natural progression for us. We took the best of our tried and tested pneumatic technology, and further innovated to create world-class waves specific to surf that boast incredible power, customization potential, and operating flexibility. In sum, we’ve set out to create the next generation of surf lagoon technology with Endless Surf and we are quite literally on the cusp of firing off first waves in Munich.

A World-Class Surf Venue in the Making

At Endless Surf, we are incredibly proud to partner with a company like SURFTOWN MUC who is bringing a world-class facility to life for a surf-crazed city that is hungry for a wave pool. Together, we are on a mission to transform the future of inland surfing, through next generation technology and an unbeatable surf experience. At the heart of the venue, our ES34 lagoon will showcase 34 wave generating caissons that will offer powerful and customizable surf thanks to our robust pneumatic hardware and our proprietary software suite. From coached sessions with mellow beginner waves to free-surf sessions with heavy barrels and air sections, there will truly be a wave for every skill level and surf style at o2 SURFTOWN MUC. At their max, waves will be generated up to 2.1m in height and up to 18s in length on Point Break mode.

What’s the Rest of the Timeline? (When can you surf?)

As we near completion and put the finishing touches on our technology, we anticipate filling the pool in the coming months. Once the lagoon is filled, wave testing can begin. During this phase, Endless Surf’s many wave patterns and flexible operating modes will be set up, tested and harmonised to bring our next generation technology to life. When wave commissioning wraps up, SURFTOWN MUC will begin their pre-opening phase in the spring, where the first lucky surfers from the community will be able to experience Germany’s first surf park. After that SURFTOWN anticipates a grand opening in early summer 2024, when they will officially open to the public.

Stay tuned as we make barrels in Bavaria…





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