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Surf Park Trends in 2024: Tech Innovation, Industry Growth & More

The year ahead in the surf park industry is already off to a roaring start. Recently named the fastest growing watersport, surf is truly taking the world by storm. It’s no surprise that there are hundreds of surf parks in planning – to capitalize on and satiate the massive desire for surf experiences that exists worldwide.

At Endless Surf, not only are we rolling out our first waves in Munich this year, but we have several projects progressing at a rapid pace with multiple expected to break ground later this year. That said, because we’ve got our finger on the pulse of many different opportunities within this booming industry, we have a special look into the opportunities and challenges that are influencing many surf park trends.

Because our ES team members are engrained in the innerworkings of this industry everyday, we turned to their respective areas of expertise and asked… What key surf park trends are you seeing as we enter 2024?

Wave Technology: A Spotlight on Reliability and Sustainability

In the area of engineering and wave technology, Clement Ginestet, Chief Technology Officer, notes a bright spotlight on reliability and sustainability this year. Unfortunately, the last year has showed how disastrous poor reliability in wave tech and lagoon structure can be. In 2023 the industry saw the final closure of Surf Snowdonia and a premature winter shutdown of Alaia Bay. As developers take note of these unfortunate issues, all eyes are on reliability when it comes to wave tech, as experiencing unplanned closures have a serious impact on a venue’s bottom line.

In addition to reliability, Clement notes a growing sentiment toward sustainability. At the consumer end, Surf Park Central found that 91% of surfers are willing to pay more for demonstrably sustainable surf park experience. They also found that surf parks with a sustainability certification should be able to charge nearly 14% more than a competing park without (SPC Consumer Trends Report). Clement knows that this trend means that surf parks need to be choosing efficient products that can demonstrate progress toward minimizing impact to the end user.

Although this isn’t a ‘new’ trend, it is one that is gaining steam going into 2024… and for good reason. With outside investors and the general public invested in the success of surf parks, these two areas are always under a watchful eye.They are trends that I predict will continue to grow as the industry does.”

Endless Surf wave technology: sustainable innovations a surf park trend for 2024
With sustainbility top of mind, here’s a few things we’re doing at to address it Endless Surf

Work, SURF, Sleep, Repeat: A Focus on Mixed-Use Developments

Andrew Thatcher, VP Business Development notes that many projects are focused on a offering a variety of amenities that are lifestyle focused.

A striking trend I am noticing is the integration of surf pools with residential, office space, retail, and hospitality. One thing we learned from COVID is that people are welcoming a combination work and play, and this growing trend is a response to this shift in urban development and lifestyle preferences. Leveraging surf specifically is an innovative development option that blends an aspirational experience, with various other amenities to create unique mixed-use spaces that serve a wide range of purposes.”

With the Surf as the anchor attraction, it certainly drives other revenue generators to create a healthy ROI for developers. Other than the surf lagoon, key aspects of the mixed-use development that Andrew is noticing are:

  • Lifestyle and Wellness Amenities: Surf fits into this area, in addition to other outdoor/active lifestyle offerings
  • Residential Emphasis: Homes or units integrated into a walkable community
  • Attraction for Businesses: Offices, co-working, brick-and-mortar-retail
  • Tourism / Entertainment Appeal: Hospitality, dining, shopping, and event potential

Overall, the integration of surf pools as part of a mixed-use development reflects a strategic response to evolving lifestyle preferences, urban development trends, and a desire to create dynamic and engaging spaces for communities and visitors. Plus, developers recognize the potential for attracting investment by creating mixed-use developments that capitalize on the rising popularity of surfing and the associated lifestyle. Surf ultimately leads to increased property values and economic growth in the area (more on that here).

Surf is the perfect amenitiy to anchor mixed-use developments

Shifts in South America and Growth in Asia

When looking beyond the surf-crazed regions like North America and Australia, two regions in particular stand out for their respective trends that are developing as we progress into 2024. Jesse Crawford, VP of Business Development notes that South America and Asia are two regions worth watching.

In South America, particularly in Brazil, public surf parks still do not exist. To date, all surf parks have been private, located within gated communities where only those that own or live on the property have access to surf. Although this business model isn’t disappearing, we are seeing projects move more toward a timeshare approach. Jesse notes “This allows the market to grow in size, appealing to a greater audience in a lower income bracket who can pool their money together.”

Across the Pacific Ocean, Jesse also notes the growing demand throughout Eastern Asia in particular.

Some surf parks in development are being built purely for competition, to train their local teams and host local competitions. Others are targeting beginners, knowing that building up a strong surf culture is critical in the first few years of operations. That said, safety is a key focus for these types of venues, along with operational flexibility and wave customization as skill levels build over-time.”

Looks Matter: Aesthetic Architecture and Design

Across the world, Anthony Marinakis, Landscape Architect, is witnessing surf parks take their masterplans and architectural design to the next level.

Especially within larger mixed-use, entertainment, and hospitality focused projects, I’m noticing an insanely high caliber of architectural planning. After all, surf parks are becoming world-class destinations… This makes it very fun to help design beautiful (often luxurious) venues centered around surfing.”

Not only is the architecture impressive, but design concepts are often including seamless integration of surf lagoons into the overall structure of the development. What do we mean? Well.. take our projects like Parkwood Village (Gold Coast, NSW) and Thermal Beach Club (Coachella Valley, CA) for example. Parkwood’s surf & golf resort is creating a seamless ‘surf village’ that surrounds the entire wave pool, with additional amenities and buildings that boast impeccable architecture. Thermal on the other hand, is creating a one-of-a-kind custom surf basin that is seamlessly integrated within a larger 20-acre lagoon. However, one thing that they have in common is the focus on maximizing useable space along the backwall of the Endless Surf lagoon – an area that offers incredible development potential with high action, views. In the year ahead, we anticipate that creative trends like these will only continue.

Capitalizing on the Local Nuances of ‘Surf Park Culture’

There’s no doubting that surfing fosters a sense of community, and surf parks provide a space for like-minded individuals to connect and for newcomers to get hooked. As we bring surf far beyond the ocean to ‘unusual’ areas, inland surfing is starting to develop its own unique surf culture that surrounds local wave pools. To capitalize on community, Tanner Wilson, Marketing Manager notes the rise of community-focused events, competitions, and marketing that highlights the local culture of surf parks.

Part of the longstanding allure of surf travel is experiencing different cultures and finding community while scoring perfect waves. As surf parks pop-up around the world in land-locked locations, we’re seeing unique surf communities form their own ‘surf park’ cultures – mixing traditional and next-generation surf with local flare. Plus, what’s great about surf parks, that you don’t really get in the ocean, is how much easier friendships and community forms. This opens a world of possibilities when it comes to community engagement, events, and marketing.”

We’ve already seen instances where locally inspired events, competitions, and other projects have gained attention in the last year. In 2024, this is a trend we expect will be taken to new heights.

2024 Surf Park Trends: Industry Shows No Signs of Slowing

From tech innovations to development and community trends, you can tell that there’s a lot of constant evolution in this buzzing industry. And, with so many new entrants recognizing the business potential and benefits that surfing offers, the surf park industry is reaching a critical point of expansion. That said, at Endless Surf we are excited to be shaping the future of this industry and offering our next generation wave tech that helps surf parks create more viable, and sustainable businesses. The growth of inland surfing is great for everyone in our opinion, and we’re stoked to be at the forefront of innovation – creating a world-class wave for everyone.

If one thing is for sure, the surf park boom shows no signs of slowing. Because of this, we’ve barely scratched the surface of trends for the year ahead. What other trends do you think deserve a spot on this list? Drop us a line and let us know what you notice in your project(s)!






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