One-of-a-kind Endless Surf lagoon set for California’s Thermal Beach Club

COACHELLA VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – Southern California’s largely anticipated Thermal Beach Club (TBC) has officially announced details on its partnership with Endless Surf to deliver a first-of-its-kind surf lagoon as an anchor amenity for the exclusive 326-home community. What makes this groundbreaking is the seamless integration of a 3.8-acre Endless Surf pool into a larger 20-acre lake. The unique design by Endless Surf and Martin Aquatic with its Blue Mar Basins system leverages surf as an attractive anchor for the high-end community while matching the already picturesque backdrop of sunny skies and stunning vistas.

Powered by Endless Surf’s patent-protected technology, an ES60 will create world-class waves from sixty wave generating caissons. The powerful system can deliver customizable waves of up to 7 feet and premium rides of over 30 seconds in Single Peak mode. When utilized in Split Peak, Endless Surf will offer rights & lefts of 15s and offer an impressive total of 10 simultaneous surf zones. In contrast to standard ES models which have 4-6 surf zones, these additional areas are made possible thanks to another first-of-its-kind feature: two strategically placed islands that allow recycled energy from the advanced wave to reform into more beginner-friendly waves.

Rendering of Endless Surf lagoon at Coachella Valley surf park, Thermal Beach Club
Plenty of surf zones for experts and beginners alike in Endless Surf’s custom design.

For Thermal Beach Club and its entrepreneurs at WhiteStar Development, the benefits of the surf lagoon go well beyond the waves. Brian Grantham explains, “In order to take our master planned concept to the next level, we crafted this unique design with Endless Surf as the centerpiece of the project. While the expansive, pristine blue lake with pumping surf will be the heart and soul of this community, we will provide many other activities to deliver our vision for the Thermal Beach Club experience.”

Thermal Beach Club will offer many other amenities on and off the water, including:

  • Intimate Village offering top tier waterfront dining experiences
  • Adrenaline pumping activities like rock-climbing & cliff jumping
  • Family splash areas, paddleboard and kayak
  • Spa, Wellness and lounge areas
  • Sport Courts and Fitness Center
  • Raised event lawn for exclusive events and gatherings

Beyond Thermal Beach Club’s onsite amenities, members can fuel their active lifestyle through many local facilities offering:

  • Golf, including 9 PGA WEST golf courses
  • Private equestrian facilities
  • Private race track
  • Regional Airport
  • Countless hiking and biking trails
Rendering of the 20-acre lake planned for Thermal Beach Club in Coachella Valley, California
Thermal Beach Club features a custom integration of surf and luxury amenities.

Highlighting the vision for the project, Paul Chutter, Endless Surf President notes, “In a location within striking distance from Southern California’s metropolitan hubs and that draws in snowbirds and visitors from around the world, Thermal’s vision that caters to a multigenerational audience is quite impressive. The custom integration of Endless Surf at Thermal Beach Club is truly world-class. It is uniquely designed to offer one of the most premium inland surf experiences in the world and reflects the exceptional engineering prowess here at Endless Surf.”

The seamless integration of Endless Surf within Martin Aquatic’s design for the full 20-acre lake epitomizes the long-term working relationship between the two companies. Josh Martin, president and creative director of Martin Aquatic said “Having collaborated with industry leaders Endless Surf and WhiteWater for decades, Martin Aquatic was able to develop a unique surf experience in the Coachella Valley. Our advanced Blue Mar Basins system delivers sustainability in water chemistry and quality, while Endless Surf will offer the most efficient, simultaneous surf experiences for Thermal Beach Club’s members.“

Receiving UNANIMOUS approval from the Riverside County Board of Supervisors for this billion-dollar project, Thermal Beach Club is expected to start construction later this year. This places the California surf park alongside a half dozen other ES projects under construction around the globe, including two nearing completion in Europe and the Middle East. With anticipated completion in late 2024, Endless Surf’s California wave pool is likely to become one of the first surf parks since 2016 to be delivered in the United States. That alone is generating further excitement among Southern California’s core surf population for this distinct project in one of the state’s most notable destinations. Those interested in securing membership or investing in property can find out more information at ThermalBeachClub.com.






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