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Why Surf Lagoons are the Ultimate Amenity for Master Planned Communities

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the housing market, new housing is still very much in demand. Especially in booming cities that people have migrated to during the pandemic. Master planned communities are a response to this demand, as developers try and address the ongoing housing crisis.

But what makes these types of communities different from other neighborhoods? By definition, “Master-planned communities are large-scale, mixed-use residential developments with robust, curated amenities… Amenities can include parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses and more.” Beyond the homes and amenities themselves, another key feature of a MPC is its ability to engage the community and create a sense of identity for its residents. With master planned communities on the rise to meet housing demand, it is very important for developers to consider what will make living in them worthwhile by answering questions like:

  • What will make it different from any ordinary suburbs?
  • What exciting amenities will make HOA fees worthwhile?
  • Who will be attracted to this community? A multigenerational audience?
  • How can this community encourage healthy lifestyles and foster a sense of community?
  • What can help maintain property values even in worries of economic slowdowns?

One of the many amenities and feature that can successfully respond to these questions is a surf lagoon. Beyond a fantastic marketing tool to entice buyers and drive home sales, wave pools offer a few unique and unrivaled benefits when placed in master planned communities…

conceptual image of a surf park within a masterplanned community
Build it and residents will no longer complain about that HOA fee…

Build a beach… Increase property values and meet consumer demand

It’s no secret that waterfront views add a considerable amount to a property’s value. In fact, Zillow estimates that in general, waterfront properties are worth 116% more than all others. If you look at the world’s most well-known surf regions like Southern California or Australia’s Gold Coast the difference in property values becomes even more stark. Wave Pool Mag said it best when explaining how much value a wave pool can add to a development: “The increase in coastal property values along the Southern California shoreline and its many world-famous surf breaks is staggering with one report citing the average close-to-shore dwelling at $10.5 million.”

But, it’s clear that property is limited near the coast, especially surrounding the world’s most reliable surf breaks. With the growth of surfing at an all-time high (read more on that here), this poses a major issue for supply and demand. Luckily, there is a solution. And, we can help you implement it… Build a beach… and preferably one with expansive views of pumping surf.

infographic of surf park and Endless Surf's master planning venue design benefits for surf venues
360 degrees of waterfront development potential paired with an authentic beach atmosphere

Placemaking Perks

Similar to green spaces like parks and gardens, blue spaces are equally important as water is an aesthetic contrast to the design of the community. This is especially true with surf lagoons, where the body of water acts as an anchor for homes and amenities. Additionally, University of Exeter Psychologists found that water encourages more physical activity – and not just in water sports. Keeping this in mind, residents can be encouraged to take advantage of other amenities like hiking trails, golf courses, cycling routes, sport facilities, etc. Finally, water is scientifically proven to benefit mental health and lower issues like depressions and anxiety. An extensive UK study on happiness in environments found that living within 5km (3mi) of the coast is associated with better general and mental health. Since not every one can live by the coast, similar benefits could be realized from an active beach-like environment.

When we started designing Endless Surf, we wanted to reach beyond the way in which we make waves. With decades of experience in helping large-scale developers design their venues around our products, we intentionally worked the many master-planning benefits into our lagoon design. Some of these benefits include:

  • 360 degrees of waterfront development potential
  • An organic beachfront with an authentic vibe
  • A centralized hub for residents with other amenities surrounding
  • High actions views, so you can enjoy the surf even when you’re not riding it

As you can see, there is a ton of potential when designing around surf lagoons, especially since surfing is such a driver of lifestyle and community. Which bring us to our last point…

Develop a soul and identity for master planned communities

Surf lagoons are not just another amenity. Why? Besides all the aforementioned benefits, surfing itself has an indescribable allure to it – just ask any of the 35 million surfers around the world. The buzz you get when catching a wave is what gets surfers hooked. Few activities provide that sort of payout, but this is one of them, which is why it brings surfers back time and time again. Plus, when you invest in a surf lagoon, you aren’t just getting waves. You’re also getting an active hub for residents to enjoy. Whether its socializing over coffee after the morning session or beer on a summer afternoon, surf lagoons can help create that true sense of belonging within master planned communities.

How can a surf lagoon benefit your master planned community?

Master planned communities in their best form need to create a neighborhood where residents are happier, healthier, and stoked to live there. They also should aim to foster community within a central point that gives residence a sense of place. From increased property values to more blue spaces and outdoor activities, we’re certain and that a wave pool can help you achieve this. Plus, with aspirations for surfing at an all-time high and its special pull touching nearly all demographics, a surf lagoon might be the perfect anchor amenity that your development is looking for.

Looking for that poster image for your masterplanned community? Drop us a line and we’d love to help your development and its future residents.

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