Making Money, Making Waves: Futureproof Your Surf Business With Operational Flexibility

This topic was originally presented at Surf Park Summit 2023 by Baptiste Caulonque,  Former CCO at Endless Surf. You can download the full slide deck at the bottom of the article.

If you’re a current or aspiring surf park developer and/or operator, we know that your ultimate goal is to make money through making waves. Whether you want to bring an approachable surf experience into a new area or want to offer premium surf to a core audience, at the end of the day you need to be focused on making your investment back and some.

Surf Parks: A Large and Long-Term Investment

It’s no secret that surf parks are a large, long-term investment. Typically, developers are looking at a minimum of $30mil+ USD, although this figure can be much higher depending on the venue type. Because of this, your surf park business model needs to be built with longevity in mind. When it comes to wave-making, you need a wave technology that is agile enough to adapt to changing market conditions and consumer habits.

With surf continuing to grow like crazy year after year, its no secret that Surf Parks offer incredible business potential. But, as a long-term investment you must make sure your business is futureproofed with operational flexibility to help you cater to any type of demand and/or consumer group. And, you must be able to address shifts in consumer demand over the next 2-3 decades and beyond.” – Baptiste Caulonque, CCO of Endless Surf

Palm Valley on Australia’s Gold Coast plans to leverage Endless Surf’s flexibility to attract a wide range of consumer groups

Delivering Waves to Diverse Consumer Groups

With surf participation increasing across the globe, we already see a range of surf consumers within this emerging surf park industry. Of course, there’s the common differences like first timers vs. pros or even groms vs. legends. There are also more niche differences like club members vs. day-goers, or even working professionals vs. surf travelers, all of whom are usually after a slightly different experience when visiting a surf park.

Understanding this, at Endless Surf we’ve set out to transform the surf park experience through our innovative software suite that allows for unrivaled control of operations. For operators, this means complete flexibility when it comes to session creation, wave customization and energy optimization. For surfers, this translates to a uniquely tailored experience with world class waves that suits any customer demographic.

With flexibility in mind, we’ve included many key features into ES to help your surf park business model:

  • Multiple wave types in the same session
  • Surf together with friends, regardless of stance
  • Surf lefts or rights without exiting lagoon
  • Premium and custom wave types
  • Wave interval control – for a more realistic and less chaotic experience
  • Randomized wave production (when applicable)
Longboards as a consumer group demand a specific wave type for drawn out glides and longer nose rides.

Maximize Your Revenue Potential with Surf Park Flexibility

No wasted waves is a key motto of ours at Endless Surf. After all, no surfer likes watching perfect waves go unridden… This motto translates to no wasted energy and ultimately, no wasted revenue. With the flexibility that we’ve intentionally built into Endless Surf, we want surf venues to be able to contain operational expenses to the exact number of waves that surfers are paying for.

Plus, we want surf parks to be able to capitalize on every business opportunity whether it’s through premium wave types, private events, or being able to serve multiple consumer groups in the same session. After all, futureproofing your surf business means offering an experience for everyone and creating surf sessions that stand the test of time, today, tomorrow, and for the next 30+ years.

It’s pretty hard to beat making money AND making waves! Our Endless Surf technology, together with our lagoon construction partner Myrtha Pools, delivers just that.” – Baptiste Caulonque

Looking to learn more about operations and the surf park business model? Download Baptiste’s full presentation from Surf Park Summit 2023 here:

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