2022 in Review: Surf Park News and Major Milestones

From groundbreaking moments at SURFTOWN MUC to a lagoon construction partnership offering a sustainable alternative to concrete, 2022 was a big year of surf park news for Endless Surf. There’s a lot going on in our world, and we know that there’s plenty in yours as well… And, as the whole ES team is hard at work making history as we prepare to pump out waves later next year, we wanted to make sure you’re in the loop on all the Endless Surf happenings. Here’s our biggest news stories you don’t want to miss from 2022:

Groundbreaking Moments at SURFTOWN MUC

First things first, we are stoked to be under construction in Germany, bringing to life what is expected to be the world’s first Endless Surf pool. On a sunny July day in Munich, we celebrated the official groundbreaking of Europe’s largest wave pool. Surftown MUC will feature an ES34 lagoon and offer up to 20+ second rides in Single Peak mode. With customizable waves available for all abilities, surfers of any level will be able to perfect their skills and enjoy a taste of the surf lifestyle. Endless Surf’s commissioning is expected in late 2023, with public opening slated for the front half of 2024.

Turnkey, Sustainable Surf Lagoon Construction Solutions

So the surf is never has to stop pumping in an Endless Surf lagoon

As an alternative to the pitfalls of concrete construction, we announced our partnership with Myrtha Pools, to offer a more durable and sustainable solution using stainless steel. Although Endless Surf projects can still opt to use traditional concrete, Myrtha’s steel solution is bringing major benefits into the world of wave pools that positively impact your bottom line and environmental footprint. With both Endless Surf / WhiteWater and Myrtha Pools holding over 100 years of collective experience, the partnership to innovate the world of surf pool technology is a no-brainer, especially as many concrete surf basins are encountering issues with cracking and sealing.

Key features of the partnership as it pertains to sustainability are:

  • A 50% reduction in carbon footprint as compared to concrete
  • BREEAM and LEED points compatible
  • Pre-fabricated construction with almost zero waste
  • Recyclable panels
  • Longer lifespan with a 25-year warranty

(Hear more about it all on the Wave Pool Mag Podcast)

Gabriel Medina’s Kauai Ventures to Build Surf Clubs Across Brazil

Most recently, this November we announced our partnership with Kauai Ventures, three-time world champion surfer Gabriel Medina’s VC firm (perhaps our biggest surf park news of the year). Responding to a growing demand for surf (especially in Brazil) and inspired off Medina’s vision for training and human performance, the firm has plans to create a handful of performance surf clubs across the country of Brazil starting with Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo opening in 2024. At Endless Surf, we’re proud to help bring Gabriel’s vision to reality through our robust hardware and innovative wave programming software to progress the future of the sport.

“With the project backed by one of the greatest athletes in the surfing world, we are committed to offering top-tier surf through utilizing Endless Surf’s next-generation technology that provides a unique and tailored experience.” – Ricardo Laureano Siqueira, partner and manager of Kauai Ventures.

Three time world champ Gabriel Medina & Ricardo Siqueira, Partner at Kauai Ventures

Reflecting on Rich History and Heritage of Making Waves at WhiteWater

Over the last 30 years, from Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon to Malaysia’s Sunway Lagoon, we’ve built over 300 wave pools with our parent company WhiteWater, with many of them still in operation today – a true testament to the power of pneumatic technology. To offer a glimpse into the rich history of wave pools, we sat down with wave making legend, our very own Andrew Wray, who has been making waves longer than most have been surfing. His historical accounts are well worth the read (read more here) as you may be surprised at how long our industry pioneers have been sequencing and perfecting waves to bring us to where we are today.

The Outlook for 2023:


There’s no denying the obvious growth we are seeing in the surf park industry and for surfing as a whole. We’re lucky to have an insider’s view into the opportunities on the horizon and the upcoming projects are impressive. Surf is entering into new markets, reaching new audiences, and ultimately anchoring development types to deliver healthy returns and repeat visitation. The surf park development boom is upon us and you’ll definitely want to take advantage of it…

2023 is shaping up to be HUGE year for Endless Surf. Stay in the know:

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