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By now, you’ve probably seen a few posts about how Endless Surf is the next generation of surf parks. In fact, you probably see a lot of companies talk about why their product or service is the “next generation of so-and-so”. And while that is easy to claim, it’s also harder to prove.

Our wave technology has been perfected for over 40 years, allowing us to create natural waves for the widest range of surfers, all in different zones based on skill-level. Reliable and long-lasting, Endless Surf’s waves are fast settling and can be generated every 8 seconds, also making it high capacity. Needless to say, these are all outstanding features of a state-of-the-art surf pool and certainly one of the ways in which Endless Surf is the next generation of surf parks. The other? Our proprietary software.

Endless Surf isn’t just about making waves—we also want you to be able to easily and effectively operate them—keeping your surfers happy and your operations efficient. As both will have an impact on your bottom line, we have created two incredibly powerful tools that work together to help you manage your guests and your waves.

The first is Wave Doctor™, the interface by which you’ll control your waves, and the pumping heart of your venue. Here, the operator uses an intuitive touchscreen to start and stop the wave, program wave sessions based on skill level with different types of waves selected for different zones within the pool, and change the wave pattern in real time. The flexibility that Wave Doctor gives a venue means that no two sessions need ever be the same, just like an ocean surfs are different every time, ensuring the variety of waves surfers demand.

Other than looking out at the wave to see how many people are surfing, how do you know who’s surfing? How many first timers? Experts? What’s the mix? Did they all sign a waiver? Watch the safety video? That’s where Surf Concierge comes in.

If our pneumatic wave technology is the brawn behind Endless Surf, then Surf Concierge is the brains. Your surf park’s guest management platform, Surf Concierge has been designed to work with Wave Doctor, so that your guests have a seamless and easy journey to getting on your waves; waves that are tailor-made for them because you know who is surfing them.

Powered by Vantage, WhiteWater’s venue management platform for entertainment destinations, Surf Concierge gets your surfers on waves quickly and safely.

  1. Starting with the Surf Concierge guest app, your guests can buy tickets and book time slots
  2. Guest manage their profiles, and complete digital waivers, either on-site or before their visits.
  3. Once they get to your surf park, they’ll be given a smart wrist band which they can link to their app to track their surf.

For the first time operators can, with just a simple tap on portable tablets at your wave, instantly know who is on the wave, their skill level, and whether they’ve signed a waiver.

This knowledge share goes both ways, as your guests will receive push notifications on their apps reminding them of their upcoming reservations, and then, using their wrist bands, easily tap into their sessions.  Venues can expand on Surf Concierge’s guest convenience by adding Vantage modules which enable the same wrist band to open their locker and provide cashless payments on site.

Your staff can see guest profiles on their portable tablets, confirming if guests are in the right time, if they’ve completed all required safety protocols, and if they are in the best wave zone for their ability. This information is also viewable by the Wave Doctor operator, who is running your wave, taking the guess work out of programming the right waves for the surfers’ skill levels.

Together Wave Doctor and Surf Concierge transform your surf pool from a brick and mortar venue into a smart and interactive destination that gives your guests a seamless visitor experience and your operations powerful guest data. The result? Repeat visitations, positive online reviews, efficient processes, and smarter decision-making to drive your ROI.






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