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Here’s to Your Next Big Break in 2021!

A Message from Endless Surf President, Paul Chutter

Wow what a year! It is hard to believe that we launched Endless Surf just nine months ago and we’ve got half a dozen projects in the works. From Australasia to Europe, Endless Surf is going to act as an anchor to some very exciting developments which will bring world class surf to millions. We started on this journey many decades ago when Barr and Wray wave systems joined WhiteWater in 1987. With a renewed focus over the last 24 months, we have brought together incredible people who have advanced our technology in the most innovative ways based on our proven reliability with pneumatic wave tech. Endless Surf is important to us in so many ways and that is why we are on this mission to bring the next generation of inland surf experiences to the world.

That moment of exaltation as you harness the ocean’s power beneath you can seem almost mystical. It is no wonder millions around the world are surf fanatics, many of whom live nowhere near the ocean. It is our mission with Endless Surf to bring surf from the ocean to people everywhere. We want the purity of those moments on the wave to bring elation for all. Surfing unites us with shared experiences, in which we are all equal – that is the authentic experience that Endless Surf aims to recreate.

Thank you for your support in this crazy year, we are beyond stoked to continue to bring Endless Surf to life in the new year!


Paul Chutter, President

Your Next Big Break

In May 2020, we officially launched Endless Surf to the world; a project that has been in development for nearly 24 months prior. Being a part of the WhiteWater family of brands, the transition to the surf pool industry was quite a natural one. We’ve been in the business of moving water since 1980, with our first pneumatic surf pool built at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon in 1989. Fast forward 31 years and nothing but routine maintenance has kept this pool up and running as Orlando’s only surfing destination. By amplifying this framework of pneumatic technology we have created the next generation of surf park technology – a surf pool that has operational flexibility, built-in software integrations, wave types for all skill-levels, and an entire aura of a true surf experience that surrounds the venue.

Within 8 months of launch, we have half a dozen projects in the works, all touching different corners of the globe from Punta Cana to Paris. Proving the versatility and return on investment of a surf pool, these projects all have slightly different business goals. From attracting and retaining talent in Vietnam’s Silicon Valley to revitalizing an underserved Parisian suburb, Endless Surf will serve as the anchor attraction to a wide variety of developments that are in the works. Find out more about Endless Surf’s projects on our blog.

In addition to our growing number of projects in the works, the development and launch of Endless Surf harnessed the incredible expertise of our growing team. From experienced landscape architects leading venue concepts and design to marketing and sales, the Endless Surf team brings a wide range of both professional and surf expertise to the table. From our in-house expertise to our vast network of trusted partners, we’ve got you covered when it comes to developing a venue that will attract, retain, and excite guests of all backgrounds and surf skill-levels. Check out our all-star team here.


2021 and beyond

Although we accomplished a lot in this hectic year, we know we are not the only ones excited to leave 2020 behind and jump into what we anticipate will be a brighter 2021. As many of our projects continue to progress and move closer into the construction phases of development, we anticipate many updates that will bring us even closer to the first breaking waves with Endless Surf technology. Stay tuned for exciting updates, new project announcements, and all the Endless Surf stoke in the new year by signing up for our newsletter. Whether you’ll get to travel once again to epic surf destinations, or you’ll be kicking off your own surf venue, here’s to your next big break in 2021!






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