An ode to the ocean and to the future of surfing

An Ode to the Ocean

As surfers, we all know that feeling of anticipation while awaiting fun swell; the feeling that you hit the jackpot when you find a playful corner in a nook of coastline while elsewhere looks slightly sub-par. We also know the feeling of getting skunked and pulling up to surf that is blown-out or flat (or both) when we kept a keen eye on the Surfline forecast that said “good-epic…” These moments, however disappointing they can be, play a role in the addiction to surfing that consumes us when we do get the waves of our dreams. We long for the feeling of moving water underneath our feet, using water as our canvas to create a line on the wave face in front of us.

A surfer doing a maneuver on a wave during sunset
Sessions like this are unforgettable when all the conditions align

With so many surf parks development plans popping up around the world, hardcore ocean purists might scoff at the thought of inland surfing.  “Fake” or “manufactured” might be a few of the words you hear from them. We agree that nothing will ever beat surfing in the ocean. After all, surf pools are inspired by mother nature and her gift of swell that she so graciously gives to surf breaks around the world. But, we also can’t imagine what we would do without surfing. What if we have to move away from the ocean? What if surf travel becomes more difficult with our growing commitments? And, all territorial-ness aside, what about all those people that have never experienced the thrill of riding a wave? Well, surf parks are a part of the future of surfing whether you like it or not, and they do provide a response to these common scenarios aforementioned.

No matter where you live, its highly likely that you have experienced surf and its culture in one way or another. From movies, to mainstream retail, to that one neighbor who recently relocated from Southern California, surf culture is highly present in society today. Nearly 24 million people worldwide identify themselves as surfers and that number continues to grow. With surf influence spreading rapidly, there is a growing demand for consistent, on-command surf. We are talking about all-around reliable surf, both for veteran surfers looking to bring their mind-surfing fantasies to life, and for newcomers to challenge themselves with an experience they have always sought after but never had the opportunity to do so.

A Surfer’s Journey With the Future of Surf Parks

A good surf park with the right pool technology that provides quality, consistent, and flexible wave options offers many perks to any surfer’s skill-level journey. With space for repetition, surf parks shorten the learning curve and give surfers the chance to:

  • Play on safe and mellow surf for increased repetition, leading to a quick learning progression for beginners.
  • Progress with space to practice those nuanced skills and not feel like you blew the wave of the day because luckily, there is plenty more on tap.
  • Perform on waves made specifically for advanced surfing. Say hello to fairer competitions and bigger and better maneuvers.


Artistic rendering of an Endless Surf wave pool
A wave to shred or a wave to take it slow. That’s a part of the future of surfing.

Surfing in the ocean or within a surf park offer different experiences, and we think people should experience both. Whether you live for tracking down perfect waves along the coast, or you are landlocked and longing to feel the thrills of surfing, it all goes back to the wave. The wave is what connects us as surfers, as we all experience surfing in a different way.

Look out for part 2, as we dive into all that can provide for a surfer’s skill journey. In the meantime check out more on Endless Surf and stay in the know on all of our our projects in development around the globe:

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