Endless Surf becomes the center piece for a luxury resort in Punta Cana

These days people value experiences and put travel at the top of their expenditure list. For some, a trip to a world class surf break is the ultimate adventure and reward. For now, we are unable to do that, but we miss trips expanding our horizons and thirst to return to tropical beaches just like those in Punta Cana. For almost a decade, Pegasus Lodges, the global leader in adventure surf travel, has been tapping into this desire to explore the remote corners of the world for the very best surf, while enjoying sunsets in style and luxury. But Pegasus founder Ryder Thomas knows that a far larger audience wants to experience incredible surf in amazingly beautiful, but more accessible, locations.

“The magic of Pegasus is the intimacy of a few guests doing something soulful and active in these breathtaking remote locations. But the reality is that trips to the edges of the Earth are not practical for everyone. More people deserve to experience the magic of destination surf travel, and Los Vientos is going to elate tens of thousands of guests a year” commented Thomas.

After spending nearly 10 years developing resorts in some of the world’s most remote surf destinations, Thomas has expanded his focus to larger developments closer to home. Los Vientos at Macao Beach, the latest development from Thomas’ SWELL International, leverages his preeminent local relationships and an extraordinary Caribbean location to give the large US and international audience convenient access to perfect reliable Endless Surf.

This large resort development uses two Endless Surf pools to create iconic ‘shareable’ views from the accommodation and world class surf for guests. With 1800 keys split across three iconic hotels brands ranging from aspirational luxury to five-star pampering, as well as outstanding local Caribbean cuisine, chef-driven restaurants, and world class nightlife.

The most exclusive side of the development will have sole use of a dedicated Endless Surf 2400 with a Pegasus Lodges-curated surf experience, while the rest of the guests and public access the largest pool in the product line, the ES4800. Waves of up to 2.1m will travel the length of the 300m pool – that’s a 25 second ride! With waves pumping from both pools there will be the wave variety (a particular strength of the Endless Surf) and capacity to offer nonstop surfing to satiate the most dedicated surfer.

“We selected Endless Surf because, like partnering with the world’s most capable hotel operators, we wanted the credibility of a supplier with proof they can deliver projects of this scale. Endless Surf comes with WhiteWater’s quality, reliability and understanding of what makes venues work. Just as importantly, we feel strongly that the Endless Surf program provides the ability to create a surf experience closest to an authentic beach environment, which is the heart of what Los Vientos represents.” said Thomas.

Endless Surf Beachfront

The organic heart shaped design of the Endless Surf pools contributes to the naturalistic aesthetic of the resort, providing additional beach front for guests to relax, and as an Instagram ready branding story for the venue. 600 meters away winding through protected mangrove wetlands is one of the pristine white sand beaches that the Dominican Republic is famous for, so guests are literally surrounded by the soothing influence of water throughout their stay.

There is more than one way to play in water, and adjacent to the resort is a waterpark as an alternative distraction to entertain the entire family, within lush, natural landscaping befitting the resort’s image. The goal is to create a destination that provides a range of experiences which feed off each other, providing young families a holistic and enriching offering; all within a 2.5-hour flight from Miami or 4 hours from New York.

“Hospitality is going through a metamorphosis because people recognize that experiences enrich them more than traditional notions of luxury. Surfing isn’t just a sport, it is a lifestyle that changes how people see themselves, each other, and the world around them; Los Vientos will provide a true surf experience that can also entertain a surfer’s entire family.” Said CEO Ryder Thomas.

Thomas has a mission, not just to create the region’s most extraordinary resort development, but to make surfing more accessible. Having the power to create Endless Surf wherever and whenever we want allows us to do just that.

About Endless Surf and WhiteWater

Endless Surf brings the next generation of powerful, efficient and customizable waves for guaranteed stoke; backed by four decades of WhiteWater’s expertise in aquatic engineering and experience design.

WhiteWater built its first surf pool in 1989 and it still operates today. Endless Surf takes that heritage and with expert wave designers enhanced the reliable pneumatic technology to create Endless rolling sets, designed for operational ease, flexibility, high capacity, and above all else, safety. Endless Surf provides iconic inland surfing that will draw guests of all ages to surf parks; and WhiteWater brings developers the comfort of a proven track record designing experiences which keep guests onsite and drive ROI.

WhiteWater’s market leader reputation is based on a dedication to making products that operators can count on, because we understand the importance of lasting quality, stringent safety and reliability on the bottom line. From the Surf Concierge at front of house system to the Wave Doctor wave programming technology, we’ve thought of ways to help make Surf Parks run smoothly and deliver an exceptional experience people will want to share.

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