Meet the Wave Doctor

Just as a doctor would tailor a course of treatment for a patient, Endless Surf’s Wave Doctor allows you to design and deliver custom waves based on a surfer’s skill level. The control center for Endless Surf, Wave Doctor, is the “brains” of our surf pool, allowing you to create endless waves on command that mimic the fluid dynamics of ocean waves. With our chamber-based pneumatic technology, the flexibility that operators have with Wave Doctor is unlike any other surf pool on the market. Hundreds of potential wave types can be customized to cater to the surfers in the pool as well as a venue’s total volume of customers on any given day.

A Prescription Pad for Creating Waves

The Wave Doctor control panel is divided into three sections:

  1. Wave Creation
  2. Wave Operation
  3. Wave Diagnostics

Wave Creation

Our intuitive user interface lets surf pool operators, guided by Endless Surf engineers, to create any wave desired for their operations, whether they are for the public, private guests, or events such as tournaments. Via this interface, we can easily create any wave type, size and shape, and even add subtle variations such

as speed, angle, or sections. An infinite variety of waves can be created through this unique combination of type, size, shape, speed, angle, and sections, ensuring that riders can expect a different wave every time.

Wave Operation

The power is now in the operator’s hands. With Endless Surf’s Wave Doctor interface, wave operations have been transformed. In just a few simple taps, operators will be able to look at the overview of their surf pool, and subsequently decide which types of waves to run and where.

Operators can easily adapt to the different skill levels of riders in the pool. Our technology even allows for different types of waves in different parts of the pool. For instance, operators can turn down the size and frequency of waves for intermediate surfers on one side and run fast, barreling waves for more advanced surfers at the other end of the pool.

This will allow everybody to surf the right waves for their skill level, so that nobody gets left out, a common occurrence in current surf pool operations.

Wave Diagnostics

Wave Diagnostics give operators an overview of every piece of equipment and all relevant info. It’s an essential tool for quickly detecting problems before they can cause trouble and is invaluable to avoiding downtime.

Endless Surf engineers can access the Wave Doctor remotely to troubleshoot problems faced by operators. Regular updates enable operators to gain access to new features and waves that have been added to the catalogue, so both surfers and operators are able to always enjoy the latest additions to our catalogue.

The Doctor’s Orders

Our Wave Doctor is the back of house interface that will ensure you leave no surfer behind by allowing you to generate different waves simultaneously. Take requests for waves, save favorites, and set sessions up to run from a catalog of pre-set waves—giving your guests the waves that they want and keeping them coming back again and again. Ultimately, having this ability to customize wave types to this degree and mix surfers of various skill levels within the same session gives venues incredible flexibility that provides guests with more surf-able time and increases the ROI within all areas of a surf park.






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