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Making surf pools more sustainable

Our inspiration and connection to the ocean

We all have roots that shape who we are and what we do. Everyone at Endless Surf brings that with them into what we’ve made. Whether close to the Pacific in Vancouver or San Diego or by the Atlantic in France, our team’s sense of peace, exhilaration, and belonging is driven by our natural environment, which is why we are committed to bettering our industry and surf pool sustainability.

Care for the natural world was therefore something we brought into our development considerations for Endless Surf from the very start. Being the most compact and flexible pool on the market is in response to wanting to minimize the carbon footprint. As technologies continue to evolve, we must recognize the importance of minimizing our impact where we can when it comes to all components that make up a surf park development. It isn’t a surprise that not every surfer is a fan of surf pools because the environmental impact of our industry is, ironically, largely felt by our oceans. This is why Endless Surf contributes to the larger 1% of profit that WhiteWater (our parent company) has committed to give back to ocean environmental nonprofits.

Giving back and carbon offsets are only portion of our plans – we know that as surf pool technology providers, Endless Surf can have a massive impact on sustainability within this industry. That’s why we have fully committed to minimize our technology’s carbon footprint while maximizing our client’s success; innovations that benefit the people and the planet.

Lessening environmental costs by lowering the total cost of ownership

A major part of making the surf park industry more sustainable comes with combatting some of the costs, including environmental costs, surrounding construction and ongoing operations. Surf park developments are large undertakings, requiring a lot a resource to build and a lot of energy to operate. However, building surf pools does not have to be a death sentence for the environment, because there are ways to lessen our impact.

When designing Endless Surf, we kept these considerations in mind and developed a more compact footprint that offers flexible operating capabilities to help our clients lessen the carbon footprint our their venue.



Flexible surf pools for lowering energy consumption

Built into our robust technology is flexible operations modes. As a new industry, many surf parks lack the technology to cater to varying capacities without wasting energy. It is not a secret that a decent length barrel takes a solid chunk of energy from the grid to produce in a surf pool, especially considering that in mother nature it takes none. In our design, we wanted to give more control surrounding energy consumption that allow venues to only use what they need and when they need it.

  • Flexible operating modes to scale back energy consumption during off-peak times
  • An endless variety of wave types, because not all waves use the same energy
  • Skill level zones to allow beginners and experts to surf in the same session
  • Recycling of energy from The Peak to create waves in The Inside and The Shore, so that multiple surfers benefit from the energy of one wave

Leading the charge in innovations for wave pool sustainability

As leaders in the industry, Endless Surf set out to continually improve upon the environmental challenges that many venue developers encounter. Each step we make is one in the right direction and add up to make a huge difference when it comes lessening our impact on the environment. That is why we pledge to continue to lead the charge in sustainable innovations that are better for the people and the planet. After all, we owe all our inspiration to the ocean, a powerful, yet fragile environment that we are all connected to no matter how far inland we may be.


Change is possible, especially as a collective. That’s why we are joining our parent company WhiteWater and committing to a sustainable future.





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