Australia Surf Resort: $300m NorthBreak Port Douglas Development

NorthBreak Surf Resort by WhiteWater and Endless SurfEndless Surf and WhiteWater West

NorthBreak – Australian Surf Resort

The word is out about local developer David Imgraben’s NorthBreak surf resort in Australia, 10kms outside Port Douglas in North Queensland, and local response as been very positive. The community support isn’t surprising because of the careful thought Imgraben and Gary Hunt of local firm Hunt Design have put into this environmentally sensitive and economically supportive development, designed to strengthen the year round visitor appeal of the region.

Port Douglas has some natural benefits such as the lush tropical setting and winter warmth that the team were able to capitalize on, while at the same time overcoming the inability to surf here or even swim in summer due to box jelly fish.”

said Andrew Thatcher, VP Business Development at Endless Surf.

It makes it the perfect place to add our world class surf.”


NorthBreak Water Villa

When you combine the fact that in a normal year almost 2 million Australians visit Bali, many seeking winter sun (and surf), and that recreational surfing is a national past time for approx. 2 million Australians; you start to appreciate the gap that NorthBreak aims to fill.
With no recognized surf breaks in tropical Australia this resort is designed to provide year-round access to safe reliable surf and will add an amenity which provides hundreds of new jobs. The 100-acre property sits gently in the landscape maintaining 40% vegetation coverage of the site, with buildings designed in light modern aesthetic which Hunt describes as ‘an evolution of the tropical vernacular style’. The stylish accommodation is designed for the bare foot beach vibe with shaded timber deck verandahs protecting guests from sun or rain, most designed to make the most of the natural aesthetic of the 3.5 acre Endless Surf pool at the heart of the Australia surf resort.

NorthBreak’s master plan reflects how we live these days and enables guests to mix both work and play featuring:

Port Douglas, Australia Surf Resort Amenities


ES 48000 surf pool
SUP lagoons
Kids Aqua park
Bike Trail


160 key high tech hotel
Community/group surf cabins
Private or shared ownership residential


Beach Club
Wellness Centre and Spa
Conference Centre
Function rooms

This resort epitomizes the future of sustainable surf parks.”

said Paul Chutter President of Endless Surf.

A carefully considered development which understands how to enhance both the community and elevate guest experience. It has been a pleasure to support David and the NorthBreak team because we share the same passion to create sensitive surf developments which are a net benefit for everyone.”

NorthBreak describe their ethos as that of the modern surfer, reflecting a deep respect for nature, conservation and communion with others. As such sustainability has been a key consideration with the intent for the resort to be 100% self-sustainable by using solar and other green energy sources and fed with captured and cleansed storm water; and by choosing Endless Surf as the wave pool technology. Endless Surf uses approx. a third less concrete than alternative choices, and less water because of the compact organic shape, plus the benefits of technology which doesn’t need pool drainage for maintenance. Additionally, it provides the most flexible wave programming on offer, enabling mixed skill level (and stance) surfers to surf together; or on a quiet day the ability to power just a portion of the pool.

David Imgraben

From early on in our investigation of the surf technologies available it became obvious to us that Endless Surf was the standout option for NorthBreak, backed by a team with an impressive track record.”

NorthBreak is the latest surf resort development in Australia to opt for Endless Surf as the wave technology of choice, joining ParkWood Gold Coast and Surf N Play in Melbourne; all of which have been announced in the last 9 months. The race is on which will be the first Endless Surf pool to open in Australia.

NorthBreak Surfer at Surf Pool by WhiteWater and Endless Surf


About Endless Surf and WhiteWater

Endless Surf brings the next generation of powerful, efficient and customizable waves for guaranteed stoke; backed by four decades of WhiteWater’s expertise in aquatic engineering and experience design.
WhiteWater built its first surf pool in 1989 and it still operates today. Endless Surf takes that heritage and with expert wave designers enhanced the reliable pneumatic technology to create Endless rolling sets, designed for operational ease, flexibility, high capacity, and above all else, safety. Endless Surf provides iconic inland surfing that will draw guests of all ages to surf parks; and WhiteWater brings developers the comfort of a proven track record designing experiences which keep guests onsite and drive ROI.

WhiteWater’s market leader reputation is based on a dedication to making products that operators can count on, because we understand the importance of lasting quality, stringent safety and reliability on the bottom line. From the Surf Concierge front of house system to the Swell Studio wave programming technology, we’ve thought of ways to help make Surf Parks run smoothly and deliver an exceptional experience people will want to share.


Find out more at www.whitewaterwest.com

All images by Hunt Design.






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