This year more than ever, we are thankful for surfing

During a year that none of us could have ever imagined, this Thanksgiving season we want to recognize how truly thankful we are for surfing. As the world has battled with the COVID-19 pandemic over the last nine months or so (what feels like eternity), surfing has been put into a new perspective in one way or another for many of us. For example, take these stories from surfers around the globe. Every place had unique restrictions, guidelines, and enforcement strategies, yet most circumstances can be summed from a surfer’s perspective as unforeseen and just plain weird.

How many of these went unridden?

Beach closures around the world meant no surfing during a time when we all needed that escape the most. Despite many trips and events being drawn up for years, surf trips and competitions were cancelled on the spot as travel was deemed unsafe. Finally, surf parks were repeatedly shut down when cities realized they did not have a grip on controlling the spread of the virus. Within these unheard of scenarios, surfing became the activity many of us all longed for – that escape on a waves that reacquaints us with ourselves no matter how noisy our lives are outside of the water.

If you were lucky enough to have access to surfing for the entire pandemic, you probably escaped to the sea at least a couple of times, if not more. With every grim and unprecedented headline, a wave was breaking to bring a positive outlook and to make you realize what you are thankful for – surfing.  From the adrenaline of a steep drop-in to the peace and serenity that overcomes us while waiting for the next set, we are thankful for the raw emotion that surfing brings. When you are on a wave for that brief moment in time, nothing else matters but how you are going to make the most of the line in front of you.

Here at Endless Surf, we are so thankful for this feeling that we want everyone to experience the purity and elation that comes with riding a wave. That is why we are on a mission to bring these emotions to the world and provide an authentic surf experience for all. Whether you grew up on the North Shore, or have never even seen the ocean, Endless Surf has a wave for you and we are stoked to bring along a community and lifestyle that accompanies.

We hope you recognize what you are thankful for this holiday season no matter where you are in the world. If surfing is on that list, we could not agree with you more. If not, we hope that we can bring these experiences to you someday with Endless Surf, so that you too can be thankful for surfing.








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